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SuperShape Exporer : a first experience with DevLib

SuperShape Explorer has 2 goals:

  1. explore 3D shapes generated by the « SuperFormula »
  2. see what can be done with the DevLib library

SuperShape runs on Windows XP with OpenGL. You’ll need Visual C++ 7.1 (2003) to recompile it. SuperShape is freeware, comes with open source code (you need DevLib) and without any warranty….


After installation, program will start automatically. You can then:

  • rotate the shape by moving your mouse around while pressing any mouse button
  • press (Space) to generate a random SuperShape
  • press (C) for a cube, (Y) for a cone, (X) for a cylinder, (S) for a sphere, (D) for a diamond
  • press (0,1,2..9) keys to set the M1 value accordingly
  • press (W) for Wireframe, (V) for volume again
  • (ESC) to escape

Known Problems:

  • Uses 100% of processor since supershape is recomputed at every frame
  • Face culling is sometimes wrong (you can sometimes see faces that should be hidden. Probably because normals aren’t computed yet…

Todo list:

  • Remove that ugly perspective effect
  • Solve the face culling problem
  • Avoid recomputing the shape if it doesn’t change
  • Do smooth transitions (« morphing ») when changing shapes
  • Automatically adjust the mesh density to keep fps constant (probably using the GNU Triangulated Surface Library)
  • Add a way to move the camera and to zoom in/out with mouse
  • Add lights
  • Add GUI widgets to allow editing the supershape like the tool here

History: 2004/8/5

  • V 1.0 done from existing DevLib demo code

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